Tips on customer acquisition in a digital world

In the business world, a lot of effort goes into both acquiring and retaining customers. While both are important, many businesses will focus more on acquiring new customers. This is only natural as attracting more people to do business with you will expand your client base and help you to grow. The great thing about the digital business world we all now live in is the choice it gives when carrying out this essential marketing task.

However, lots of choice can sometimes prove confusing for some business owners. If you need a few tips on digital customer acquisition strategies, then the below should help.

Use the power of email automation

We all know the superb ROI and measurable results which a well-run email marketing campaign can deliver. With literally billions of people across the world checking their email accounts each day, it gives you a direct route to them. Acquiring customers in this way can involve lots of work in identifying potential targets to outreach too and also in the thousands of emails to be sent. Doing this manually is just not an option. Email outreach tools solve this issue by automating the processes. The net effect is that you get better results whilst also saving time.

Connect with new customers via social media

It is now thought that social media is used for customer acquisition by 72% of businesses. Major platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide a free and easy way to engage consumers in direct conversation. This is a valuable tool which you can use to showcase your brand to them and let them know your values. Of course, it is also good for promoting new products or services and seeing what people are saying about you. Using this feedback to improve is a great way to attract new customers to you.

Network online to form business partnerships

Networking has always been important, but the digital age has really seen it become central for many organizations. Partnering with other businesses in your sector is a great way to reach new audiences and engage with more people. This should then translate into new customers heading your way. Building up new business contacts can be done offline via business groups but online is very effective. Whether it is via platforms like LinkedIn or business forums, networking online is a powerful customer acquisition tool.

Consider remarketing

Another effective tip for customer acquisition is to think about remarketing. This essentially identifies consumers who have recently looked at your website or products but have not made a purchase. It then shows them adverts for it when they head onto another website. This is a great acquisition tip as it can often persuade them to come back to you and spend money.

Make acquiring new customers your focus

As we noted originally, it is important to think about customer retention, however, acquiring new customers is certainly worthy of your attention as well. It will not only help you to grow over the years but also increase your market share and brand awareness.