Hurricane Sandy Manufactured?


This text was written due to the priority I’ve for the usage of climate modification after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of North America. After watching the information and listening to concerning the largest Atlantic hurricane on file, I felt one thing was simply not proper. Whereas doing searches via Google, I discovered photos which recognized the trail of the storm (Picture hyperlink location at backside of web page). After learning these photos, I discovered that there have been too many main coincidences for me to just accept that this storm was a pure creation. The storm began within the Caribbean Sea and moved north into the Atlantic Ocean. When the storm reached the North American shoreline, it continued to remain the identical distance away from the shoreline, increasing one thousand and forty miles in diameter. In case you take a look at the pictures supplied, you will note that the storm really curves with the shoreline of North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, relatively than following a direct path (Its very odd to see a storm curve with the shoreline). Then the storm modifications course and heads west in the direction of New Jersey and Philadelphia. Whereas curving west in the direction of New Jersey, the storm accelerated to a ahead movement of almost 30mph (Additionally very coincidental that the storm sped up simply earlier than the state of New York). When the storm reached Philadelphia it made a ninety diploma flip (relatively than going inland?), heading via the western components of New York after which up the east coast via Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and New Brunswick. The storm lasted for a interval of 5 days, hitting probably the most populated space of the east coast. Coincidentally, it additionally appears to circle probably the most populated metropolis in the US and the whole World, New York Metropolis. Circling New York is identical as hitting it head on. This storm appears to me like extra of an assault, and if it was, it will be the more serious again stab I’ve ever witnessed. Hitting the east coast can be an ideal strategy to cripple the American economic system by destroying commerce routes and precious infrastructure. The individuals who have been effected by the storm nonetheless, have misplaced probably the most. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have been effected by Hurricane Sandy and sadly they’ve nobody accountable.

I personally am not acquainted with seeing a storm as coincidental as Sandy. If this was a manufactured storm, its long run impact can be worse than a nuclear weapon. A storm of that magnitude might considerably impact the stability of our local weather, which over time might be devastating. Nonetheless, if Sandy is a manufactured storm, is Sandy the one storm that has been manufactured? Not solely might climate modification impact local weather change, however the army might assault an enemy, or an ally, and nobody can be accountable. I’m involved concerning the extent of development of army climate modification packages. Which international locations are researching this kind of know-how? Think about if some infantile dictator had this know-how. Think about if anybody had this know-how. World powers deal in weapon buying and selling daily. Like nuclear primarily based know-how, it’s inevitable that climate modification know-how will likely be positioned on the black market and offered to the best bidder. I’m additionally apprehensive that within the occasion of a manufactured storm the dimensions of Sandy, governing our bodies would make offers to cowl up the existence of their very own packages and defend their very own pursuits. It makes me suppose that scientists researching the impact of greenhouse fuel or carbon emission primarily based local weather change needs to be trying elsewhere. Sadly, the local weather change neighborhood or anybody for that matter, is unable to analysis the developments of extremely high secret governmental packages akin to climate modification. The one strategy to defend our future can be to reveal the misuse of climate modification as quickly as we presumably can. As folks get smarter, so do the storms. For the complete article which incorporates extra coincidences, pictures and topography go to: Richard Dunn (Editor of Climate Warfare Investigation)

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