5 Must To Do This Winter


After a long spell of dry weather, even a chilly breeze brings upon the hope of change. This is exactly how the transition between autumn and winter takes place. The falling leaves, the withered grass and the sere environment, takes the energy down to such an extent that you are willing to give up all, for all the slightest of change. The arrival of December brings along its unique set of joy. The cold and crisp breeze tells about the extremity of the weather ahead, there is the preparation for Christmas and the excitement about New Year eve, all bundled together. Well before you get carried away for all the change, joy and excitement, we want you to do a tit of more. It’s about time you make sure that you are ready to cope up with the upcoming changes and fit enough to find your way through the seasonal menace. We here bring you some easy to do tips that will help you keep away from all the flu, fever and cold and let you enjoy through the season, banging all more of the Christmas and New Year parties, and dancing your way through celebrations. 1. Immunity – One Up

It all comes down to one simple system of your body, the immune. Good with your immunity and you are all good with your fight. Down with your immunity and the battle prolongs. This pretty much includes maintaining your daily schedule, balancing your diet and challenging your habits. Eat well, get enough sleep, and keep your body active to pull this off. It is also advised that you increase a few supplements in your first aid box. This includes supplements containing herbs and nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc. Increased use of garlic and other vitamin C enriched fruits and vegetables is good too. 2. Putting A Few Down Where your immune system needs that one up in power there are other aspects that demand some shredding. It’s about time you take out your weighing machine and start taking the readings on more daily basis. One should focus back on salads and start with whatever he or she can. Believe us, it is unnoticeable at first, but turns out nasty enough by the end on of the month. Planning to hide behind your warm clothes? Think about the easy dressing that is up ahead in summer. 3. Skin Health The first and foremost sign our body shows about weather change is through skin. It’s mostly in winter that new skin starts appearing, so all more care there. The cold weather can bring along dry, itchy skin, chill blains and eczema. The outcomes are mainly result of reduced humanity and limited water intake affecting water circulation. A good moisturizer is the answer to all this. Moisturizers help in keeping the skin moist and supple with Vitamin E. Increased use of garlic results in better circulation. Fish oil is also a good option as it helps manage itchy skin conditions. Don’t forget the sunscreen, it is important to remember we can still get sunburnt when the weather is cold! 4. Increase Your Blood Circulation Ever wondered where that cold feeling in your hands and feet during winter come from? Being the extremities of our body due to their distance from heart, the get are the last point of blood circulation. To help improvise blood circulation one must take Vitamin E. The Vitamin helps in peripheral blood circulation, making it reach to extreme body parts. While Vitamin E does it job, you are not to forget about your socks and gloves. And then there are the traditional ways of heating your hands upon a stove or simply rubbing them together.

5. Stay Hydrated Of all the things you plan about your winter, and of all the hacks you are doing. Of all the medicines that you are having and all the good routine that you are pulling off. Drinking water is the most essential. The pleasant weather may kill your thirst and can make you forget about itself, but don’t you. A fair amount will be having two litres of water every day to the minimum. And if you are not comfortable with having plain water every now and then go with herbal try or other flavored teas but don’t compromise on your liquid intake. There are plenty of other options available but that all demands commitment and nothing is as good as plain water. To conclude you cannot pull your winter without the above practices. No one likes falling ill and taking anti-biotics for the most irritating of ills such as flu and fever. These simple practices can help you swirl your way through fit and healthy. And even if you fall for any of it, at least you gave your best to this. Wondering where you can find all your winter pills and vitamins? Well saving you the trouble of going out in the winter, you can order medicine online through medonline.pk. Happy winter folks.

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