Why The Previous Testomony Guarantees Reincarnation and the New Testomony Resurrection


It is a unusual indisputable fact that the 2 Testaments are at such logger-heads with one another and but many consider them each. Why is that? How can God be one within the Previous Testomony (OT) and a Trinity within the New Testomony (NT)? Why is there nobody in addition to God within the OT and but be a three headed one with myriads of angels, saints, and devils within the NT? Why are folks so blind that they can’t see that solely one in every of them may be proper.Pasted collectively as they’re and collectively known as The Phrase of God many are fearful to query any a part of the bible. But there are lots of contradictions and issues inconceivable to ponder in it. A lot of each books has been confirmed incorrect by fashionable science and house exploration, none extra so than the existence of heaven and hell.Worry is the driving power behind the blindness that forestalls anybody seeing the info clearly. It’s pushed into one like a stake right into a fish from start. Mind-washing and restricted training coupled with safeguards to forestall others interfering of their acceptance of what’s pumped into them is the main-stay of all spiritual preaching.My reincarnation and hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe led me on a special path to look at the bible from cowl to cowl. In my seek for solutions there are lots of sources of proof to discover and the overwhelming info are how a lot is within the open.There is no such thing as a secret, as an illustration, that Constantine established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. Some consider, nevertheless, that it occurred earlier via somebody known as Peter. What was uncovered is that Jupiter, the chief God of Rome, is ‘Peter’ in English and the emperor constructed the Vatican over his temple.Additionally uncovered within the Nationwide Library of Australia ae the diaries of Jerome, who compiled and wrote the New Testomony. He famous that he altered lots of the Previous Testomony and added passages to it to make it align along with his work. He significantly factors out how he ‘added’ references to ‘restore’ the notion of the Trinity and the start of Jesus Christ.Added to the rear of the NT is the E-book of Revelation. That holds some astounding info and it reveals that Constantine invented Jesus Christ and compelled everybody to worship the picture he put up. The faith he framed bases its energy on the Trinity God, which is in opposition to the one God of Isaiah 45:4-8.In line with the Egyptian custom of resurrection the work of Jerome follows that line. The OT is predicated on the Spirit and on reincarnation and in Job 5:19-21 it states that we now have all returned six occasions, up to now.The 2 books are so completely different as a result of they serve completely different agendas. The OT was a composite of tales introduced collectively from across the Assyrian Empire and the Prophecies that had been handed on for the non secular folks of Israel. The NT is a composite of tales from the Egyptian and Islamic traditions, on which Christianity is predicated, and heaven is crucial for preserving folks in line or they’re condemned to hell, from whence comes the worry.

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