A Leader in Jail, Who Got Benefits

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A LEADER IN JAIL, WHO GOT BENEFITS?WRITTEN BY TRILOK SINGH, YOUTH DARPAN. First Published On YD (Youth Darpan), A leader in jail, who got benefits? As you know that, the special court of CBI in Ranchi has given three year imprisonment to RJD chief L.P. Yadav and court will take its final decision on January 03, 2018. After L.P.Yadav goes to the jail it will be a great transformative change in Bihar Politics. Now the major challenges of RJD are: Uniting RJD in collaborative form; Facing the oppositions; Lalu’s Son may be in the way of crassing; The Flag of BJP may get permanent position in Bihar and it may creates a big tention for RJD etc.. The year of 2017 is very uncomfortable for RJD family. In the government of ‘mahagathbandhan’ L.P.Y played the role of ‘king maker’. He emerged as a big opposition of congress party which was supported by RJD. However, bihar deputy cm, Sushil Kumar Modi mentioned that, “Process of going to jail started. Today Father, Next who? Lalu knows? Whole family involved in corruption. Either fodder scam or benami property? Today चारा next Lara?” Tejaswi yadav and Misha Bharti (Lalu’s Son/Daughter) also have allegation of corruption in Bihar. Many big leader from RJD are with Tejaswi yadav as vice president of RJD Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh said we don’t have question of the leadership. We all are with Tejaswi Yadav. But the second generation of lalu yadav is also covered with the allegation of corruption. The process of investigation is going on tejaswi yadav for corruption and benami property. The lalu’s daughter Msiha Bharti and her husband is also under investigation for the benami property. The entire process is monitoring by the congress party. Further, Congress is monitoring RJD due to only its political power. Moreover, Number of reports revaild that, Lalu and 15 others his party members are accused of stealing RS 89.27 Lakh by ‘Deoghar Treasury’ between 1991 to 1994. For ensuring safety RJD will appeal to the High Court. The legal fight will continue as Raghuvansh Prasad told us. Further, he also mentioned we will move the HC, there is no alternative with the same regard and we have fighting it legally. The entire drama which took place in Bihar gives a great opportunity to the ruling party. After looking the entire picture which is about RJD family or so called Lalu’s family, ruling party should follow the agenda of ‘Vikasvad’ in Bihar. So that it will help ruling party in the upcoming election. As Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh mentioning again and again is that, sending lalu to Jail is a decision and a plan of PM Narendra Modi. But as a political science student i want to suggest him, “this decision is taken by a Constitutional Body called CBI court”. So, there is no any kind of interference of the PM office”. My above statement are very similar to the bihar deputy cm, Sushil Kumar Modi statement which are; RJD blaming judiciary for caste bias? Then why Vidya Sagar Nishad of RJD freed & Jagadidh Sharma & 1/2 doz Upper caste accused convicted? L.P.Yadav only deprived backward class by looting in fodder scam. In other words, L.P. Yadav was convicted for the first time during UPA regime and now they blaming ruling party by coining the name PM Narendra Modi? How ruling party can intervene or influence our constitutional body called judicial process? So Court has convicted L.P. yadav not the ruling party. Being a Bihari to know RJD or L.P. yadav very well and an Indian to know the politics very well.. Jai Hind!❤ Author/Writer, TRILOK SINGH, MA. POLITICAL SCIENCE (2015-17), UNIVERSITY OF DELHI. FOUNDER AND CEO OF YOUTH DARPAN, and the IASMIND.COM and President of National Level NGO called VSSKK, INDIA.

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