Who are the greatest Hockey Players ever?


Field Hockey is one of the most exciting and competitive sports you can play. It is very popular with both women and men and, like Netball , it is a game that can be played by both sexes at the same time on the same side. It is not an easy game to master but it is very rewarding when you do. The use of Hockey Training videos are very helpful in getting you there and maybe, if you practice really hard as well, you can get to be as good as these players of the great game. Since the game became professional it is a bit tricky to judge some of the players but here some of the best following a poll by Hockey journalists and writers.

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  1. Rechelle Hawkes. This lady was the captain of the Australian Women’s team that one 3 Olympic gold medals. She is thought of as one of the best leaders Australian Hockey has ever produced displaying a dominant style and inspiring leadership.
  2. Mijntje Donners. A superstar for the Dutch Donners played two hundred and thirty four times for her country scoring almost one hundred goals. Surprisingly she never one any of the big tournaments like the world cup or Olympics but she did take home a third place bronze at the Atlanta Games and was voted the player of the year in two thousand three.
  3. Ties Kruize – Another Dutch international who played in the era when the Netherlands team were quite dominant in the sport in the eighties. What makes his one hundred and sixty seven goals and two hundred and two appearances even more impressive is that he was told he would never play again in 1975 following a car accident.
  4. Jamie Dwyer – And another Australian this time the man who brought Olympic gold back to the men’s team forty eight years after there last win with a victory at the Athens Games of 2004. A brilliant all-rounder at home defending and attacking he won all of the big three events in the game.
  5. Hasan Sardar – One of the most talented players and skilful ever to grace the game. From Pakistan Sardar was one of the lynchpins in a team that was in the total ascendance during the early eighties. A brilliant attacker his ability to skip by defences is a must watch and is a benchmark for the modern game.

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  1. Luciana Aymar – from Argentina she might lay a better claim to the best dribbler of the ball over Sardar. Nicknamed the Magician she has helped Argentina to two world titles and had been named the player of the year eight times.
  2. Sean Curley – Part of Britain’s Seoul Olympic team Curley was the epitome of the Hockey striker and forward player. Not bad as he was an amateur too.

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