Nicotine E – Liquids – A fancy way of smoking yet harmful


The vape is a device that tends to heat a liquid into the aerosol that is inhaled by the user. The e-liquid is a fluid in a vape or electronic cigarette that may or may not be added with Nicotine. The e-cigarette that says ‘no nicotine’ also has a minor amount of nicotine e liquid used in it, and it is known as a tobacco product because nicotine itself comes from tobacco.

The nicotine might be useful for those who are the regular cigarette user or are addicted and wish to break off and quit. But nicotine is surely harmful to teens and children. That is the reason many youngsters are choosing vape over smoking traditional cigarettes and also products with no nicotine. Many researchers have also claimed that e-cigarettes, even without nicotine, are toxic.

The dangers of E-liquid:

The complete impacts of e-liquids with or without nicotine on human health are not yet found. However, the potential risks of e-cigarettes include:

  • Swallowing (ingestion) of e-liquid – can be the lead source of poisoning, and when swallowed by children, it can even cause death.
  • Inhaling the particulate matter created by e-cigarettes – the particulate matter that is emitted by a vape can be dangerous to the one who inhales it, just as how passive smoking is injurious of health even for those who share the same space with the smoker. The inhalation of the particulate matter could lead to asthma strikes and heart diseases.
  • Unsafe packaging – there is no guarantee about the packaging of e-liquid. They are stored in containers or glass or plastic bottles, which can be easily enclosed by children. E-liquid may even leak or spill through their container or bottle.
  • Inaccurate labeling–you may find e-liquids with incorrect labeling or insecure packaging. The e-liquid labels that say ‘Nicotine-free’ may have an amount of nicotine.
  • Inhalation of the chemical vapor of e-liquid – the harm of inhaling the chemical that is used in vape liquids are quite unknown as the flavors used may be safe to use in food, but unsafe when they are being inhaled.

The new generation is hooked on Nicotine

The e-cigarettes are more of a common product amongst the youth than traditional tobacco products. According to organizations, due to three reasons, teenagers and young adults are being attracted to e-cigarettes. First, many of them believe that vaping is not that injurious to health as smoking cigarettes is. Second, the cost of e-cigarettes is much lower than the per-use cost of traditional cigarettes. Third, there is an endless variety of flavors used in vape cartridges such as watermelon, apple pie, and more that appeals to the user.

With no smell of actual smoke, e-cigarettes decrease the stigma of smoking and which is what appeals to both the adults and youths. The matter of concern is the increase of vaping in society not only helps the addictive smokers to quit but also attract the ones who have never experienced smoking before.

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