Staffless Front Office: How It Works


In one article from Forbes, it has been asserted that 90% of jobs that humans used to do have already been taken over by technology. Among others, one of the best examples of this is a digital receptionist. A staffless front office is a trend nowadays. Instead of having an actual employee man the front desk, a digital technology is used as a replacement.

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Below, we will go through the step-by-step process by which a staffless front office works. As you can see, it is quicker than the traditional visitor check-in process. Aside from speed, it also improves the overall experience.

  1. Visitor Arrives and Signs In

Upon the arrival of the visitor, the first step is to sign-in using the digital receptionist. There will be no employee manning the front desk. Instead, there will be a tablet or a computer. The visitor will input personal information, such as name and contact number. The information that will be retrieved depends on the specific software that is used.

During the sign-in process, the visitor will also be asked about the purpose of the visit. There will be several options, such as visiting an employee, food delivery, and package delivery, among others.

  1. Capturing Photo and Signature

Once the required information has been entered, the automated system will capture the photo of the visitor. This is an important process for documentation. Also, this will help to deter any criminal activity in the office.

After the photo, the signature will also be captured. The visitor will be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement and to agree with the terms and conditions that have been specified.

  1. Host will be Notified

As soon as you finish the registration, the contact person will be notified. When asked for the purpose of the visit, you will also have to input the name of the person you are visiting. After this, the system automatically notifies the person that there is a visitor waiting for him or her. This notification can be sent through a number of ways, such as a phone call, text, or email. This way, the person can prepare for your visit.

  1. Visitor Badge will be Issued

Digital receptionists like Greetly will also automate the issuance of visitor badges. The latter is important for ease of identification. As you walk around the office, the badge needs to be visible, which will make it easy for the employees to identify you as a visitor. This also shows that you have been through the entire process of checking in.

  1. Sign Out

Upon leaving the office, you will also be asked to sign out in the same system used for logging in. You might be also asked to provide feedback about the visit.

Indeed, a staffless office is a revolution! It does not only incur significant savings, but it also helps in improving the overall experience of visitors!

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