Achieve Better Social Media Integration With Magazine Publishing Software

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In recent years, social media platforms have become an important marketing tool used by everyone from journalists to novelists to engage with readers and build an attractive brand. Developing a presence on social sites is as important today as producing relevant content for publishers interested in gaining readership. With more and more readers finding all of their content on social sites, using social media to drive traffic is now a critical skill. But while publishers of eMagazines may have perfected the art of digital layout, learning to leverage social sharing and build a following on these new platforms can be a challenge.

Magazine publishing software can help by seamlessly integrating social features into your automated delivery and providing you with useful analytics. Social media integration allows publishers to leverage their own readers to promote content. In today’s social online world, readers want an easy way to share what they are reading with followers. The latest publishing software allows readers to share your content with a single click. With so many social platforms available today, it can also be hard to find your target audience and know where to build an online presence. Fortunately, rich analytics can help publishers meet their target audience where they are by identifying how readers are reaching their content. Instead of wasting time on the wrong platform, publishers can now use analytics available to better understand their readers – including where they find content and what formats they prefer.

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