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You need to have a strong online presence for your publication, the time has come where a simple website platform is not enough. It can be hard to navigate which tools will be of real assistance in the world of digital publishing software. If you are struggling with the transition to online publication, or simply need a stronger presence online, look no further than Pressmart Media Ltd. With digital publishing software which is easy to use and reader accessible, you can streamline your online efforts and step into a stronger future for your publication. Pressmart provides a wide variety of options when it comes to the digital software offered. You can have an E-version of your paper or magazine. These digital versions of your publication are interactive and completely user-friendly. There are also options for ePortals, which will heavily increase the traffic of your platform. If your publication has the potential for an online archive, there is an Earchive that can bring your archive online easily for readers to view. Because a large portion of readers today read magazines and news articles off their mobile devices, it can make the prospect of moving your publication to online daunting. Many online platforms and websites do not translate well to mobile reading. Luckily, Pressmart offers vital mobile apps. These apps can easily integrate existing publishing systems to pause a seamless solution for readers on mobile devices. Do not ignore the power of digital publishing software. Your online visibility makes or breaks your publication’s success. You need a partner who can handle all of your needs, contact us to find out more. Once considered a passing fad, statistics show adults are converting to the ease and convenience of electronic publications. Over one third of United States adults will own an e-reader by 2016 and 45-50% use their reader to access news or magazines, including ads. For The Economist, 77% of readers have never had a print subscription. Adapting to a new format is especially important as studies on the news media show that while overall circulation is down, demand for content on tablets and smartphones is growing. Digital publishing software editions also encourage larger engagement with the brand as 80% of readers either visited the publication’s website, recommended the magazine, or visited the magazine’s social media site.

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