Singapore The Gem Of South East Asia

Are you considering relocating to South East Asia? Unsure of which country to settle in? If so, then this article is for you. In it, we will explore why you should choose Singapore as your destination of choice. This is done by looking at various pros and cons of living in the garden city. By the time you are done reading this article, the only question on your mind will be how to get Singapore PR?

Travelling within and out of Singapore

Traveling around by bus or the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is both very economical and very simple, and taxis are one more really affordable option for those who need to explore more outlying areas.

The nation additionally functions as a hub for travel throughout Asia, with economical flights consistently offered for travelling to Southeast Asia, particularly for those who are willing to organize last-minute journeys. Changi Airport is a transportation hub for Asia, allowing you to conveniently explore the region at fairly affordable costs.

Mixed society & language

Singapore is a melting pot of Chinese, Tamil Indian, Malay, and British individuals. While nearly all native Singaporeans can communicate in several languages– in a market, I paid attention to my Indian tour guide talk to a Chinese store owner in a mix of Tamil, Malay, and Mandarin Chinese– English is the lingua franca of the country.

If that’s all you can speak, you can still make pals with locals and take part in many aspects of Singaporean society. If you wish to be viewed as a real Singaporean, nevertheless, you need to do your best to pick up as much “Singlish” slang as achievable.

With various languages comes an acceptance for foreigners that is unparallel. Having being brought up in a heavily mixed society from young, Singaporeans display an acceptance of foreigners and cultural differences that proves to be invaluable for expats.

Cons of living in Singapore

Singapore is a big city. Living here comes with all the trappings of a fast paced metropolitan way of life, making it harder to lead a laid-back life. Anticipate people to be in a haste and generally busy.

Purchasing and leasing residential or commercial property in this city is very costly. It is also difficult to purchase certain residential or commercial property types unless you are a Singapore Citizen or permanent resident. See our housing section for additional information.

Singapore does not have really distinct seasons. It can be difficult for expats to get used to the hot and damp weather that exists throughout the year.

Work visas are tied to your job. You have 30 days to find a new job or leave the nation if you forfeit your job and your employment pass is cancelled.