An Impactful Alternative to Consumer Courts

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A consumer definitely reserves all the right in the world to protest publicly against any irregularity he faces in terms of faulty products, bad services, lack of follow ups by the brand or business he procured goods and services from. Not just because he has been fooled post shelling out a considerable portion of his hard earned money, but more so because the relentless game of playing up with consumer’s interest needs to be put an end to by disseminating awareness. With digitization already making its mark across the world, we are way past the times of candle light vigils and rallied protests. Digital media has helped us expand our outreach, spreading our word seamlessly across the remotest corners of the world. Efficiently capitalizing on this unique aspect of the digital world, online customer review sites are airing consumer grievances and contributing significantly towards redressing them by garnering democratic support. Completely unbiased in its approach, these websites offer the discretion to express consumer concerns through forums that can be exclusively dedicated to particular causes of concern. The review platforms not only host issues faced by consumers due to negligence by businesses but offers an open space for businesses to confront the charges labeled against it. It also supports resolving issues amicably without any external intervention or endorsement. One of the substantial benefits of customer review sites is that, justice is meted out way ahead of arbitration in consumer courts that are already overburdened by the plethora of pending cases. Owing to the potential of digital media to reach out, no news escapes its hawk eye. Therefore, concern shared by even the man sitting at the edge of the globalised world gets conveyed quite easily. This sends out a word of caution for the business establishments to be proficient with their services. Every organization, being aware of its market image, would definitely go out of the way to keep it untainted. Review sites are adept at sensing the pulse and capitalizing on it to offer prompt solutions through its platform. Being absolutely against endorsements, these pro consumer platforms serve the common man’s interests by voicing their anguish.

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