Shopping to refill your vape pen? Here are some tips for buying E-Liquids that should guide you to the best, cheapest alternatives.

Shopping for a vape refill is always fun. Sometimes, however, it can become overwhelming picking from a number of flavor combinations and ingredient mixes. Even more than these, there are also a lot more variations and combinations that E-liquids can fall under. Here, we are going to discuss a few tips and best practices to ensure that you get the best E-liquid for cheap.

First, let’s discuss some advantages that using E-liquid has over the traditional means of consuming tobacco.

  • Easy on the lungs: Compared to traditional cigarettes and other forms of tobacco smoking, E-liquids are far more lenient on your respiratory system and overall health. The nicotine does not negatively harm the blood vessels in the mouth, lungs and trachea and even leaves the body quicker than the nicotine in cigarettes. This means that long term, E-liquids are a much healthier alternative to conventional means of tobacco consumption.
  • Cheaper: Hard to believe I’m sure, but bear with me. In many European countries, a 20 pack of cigarettes cost about $10. An experienced smoker can go through the entire pack in a day. For the same amount, the individual can purchase a 30ml vial that can last for weeks.
  • Comes in a multitude of flavours: As much as makers try to infuse many flavours into conventional cigarettes, they all still end up tasting like….. You guessed it…. Cigarettes. E-liquids on the other hand, come in a multitude of flavours from orange to cranberry to banana, to mint and thousands more. This ensures that the experience is never boring and can be customized to fit whatever whims the user has in mind. Also, the flavours make it so that manufacturers can experiment with reducing the actual tobacco content, making for a much smoother experience.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the crux of the matter: how to actually purchase E-Liquid. Most physical stores that stock smoking paraphernalia usually have E-Liquid in their shelves. They come in a multitude of shapes and more importantly, sizes. As a general rule of thumb, larger bottles and sizes are cheaper pound for pound compared to the smaller ones. For example, a 10ml bottle might cost $10 whilst a 30ml bottle around $20. No need for complex calculations because in buying the larger one, you are getting three times what you would have, had you bought the smaller bottle.

To mitigate against paying high prices (anything above $50), always shop for locally made E-Liquid. It is a very simple product to manufacture and you generally don’t get any considerable benefits by purchasing imported brands. In fact, if you can source up the important ingredients (namely Glycol< Glycerine, flavouring, and Tobacco) for yourself, you can synthesize home-made E-Liquid for about the same low price that you would get it outside. Suffice to say, the cheaper alternatives aren’t necessarily the worst ones.

In conclusion, vaping is an enjoyable experience. Remember though, always do it responsibly. Be careful whilst you experiment with the habit and always play safe. Visit your local vendor to find out which variants are right for you.