Permanent Makeup – The Choice of Celebrities

Permanent makeup to enhance looks is getting huge popularity day by day. The good news is that permanent makeup looks natural and has led many celebrities to jump on the trend and got treatments done. That is why you find them still looking good without makeup.

Many permanent makeup procedures, including Eyebrow Tattooing Micro-blading, Permanent eyeliner, Permanent lip blush blend, and Head Tattooing, motivate celebrities and ordinary to choose the one depending on their specific choices.

Let’s look at a few celebrities with permanent makeup to identify who pulled one of these procedures off best.

  1. Angelina Jolie

The mother of 6 always looks for ways to enhance her beauty. She is a big fan of permanent makeup procedures. Angelina Jolie has perfectly defined lips and consistent lip color. Many people believe that the Academy award winner acquired this unique lip beauty by undergoing a lip brush blend procedure. Now she only uses lip gloss to make it shiner.

  1. Rhianna

This Caribbean Queen is known for her melodic voice and beautiful looks. She recently went through a permanent eyebrow tattooing process. We can see how the process has helped her enhance her exotic looks

  1. Coleen Rooney 

Like her husband, Coolen Rooney loves transforming her looks. She took advantage of eyebrows tattoo – a procedure of permanent makeup in 2010.

  1. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole had a reason to benefit from permanent makeup in the form of ugly eyebrows. The new shape of Nicole Scherzinger’s eyebrows is what she needed to redefine her facial features and look sexier.

  1. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes seems to have had micro-blading hair stroke tattooing. She has a beautiful shape and alignment of eyebrows that give her a fabulous beauty spot. With an enhanced eyebrow look, she inspires women to benefit from permanent tattoo beauty to achieve the same beautiful look.

  1. Megan Fox

Megan Fox has completely new different looks from her first celebrity scene in 2005. She got a small nose and cheek filler by undergoing Botox and laser resurfacing. Even her eyebrows seem to have had micro-blading for enhanced eyebrows and lips tattooed for a defined edge and solid lip color.