6 Things to Remember while wearing Rudraksha

Rudraksha, in general, is a spiritual seed known to have its history from Lord Shiva. So when you buy Rudraksha and want to wear it, you must keep a few things in mind. Protecting and cherishing a godly component is not a simple task. There are several rules and regulations to be followed to endure all the benefits of Rudraksha. Their outcomes are astonishing and beneficial. So to benefit from those great outcomes, certain things must be observed from our side too. When you buy a Rudraksha online then make sure you follow the below-given points.

  • Positive Mind: Rudraksha is known to have positive energy within it. So when you wear it, your mind must also be positive. If you have negative thoughts within you, then the power of Rudraksha would drastically decrease leading to wastage of its energy. So if you want to inherit positivity, then it is better to avoid any sort of negative impacts while wearing Rudraksha.
  • Clean Body: Rudraksha being a godly bead, it is mandatory to stay clean while wearing it. You might have had a leisure lifestyle where you bath when you want to, but when wearing Rudraksha, cleanliness becomes a compulsion. You must make sure that practice a clean lifestyle.
  • Food Habits: There are a few foods which you must avoid while wearing Rudraksha since it has an adverse effect on a few foods. Initially, Rudraksha was used to differentiate between good and bad food for our body, so you must intake only good foods so that the positive aura is not disturbed. It would be great if you avoid eating non-veg when you wear Rudraksha. But, if it is too hard, then remove the bead when you consume non-veg foods.
  • Don’t visit a few places: If you want to go for a funeral, it might be better if you remove your Rudraksha before you start from your home. Similarly, for cemetery and burial ground, Rudraksha must not be worn. After you return, make sure you take a complete bath and then wear it.
  • Chant mantras: Chanting mantras is our choice. It is a religious practice, so if you are comfortable with it, then you must follow it. Chanting “Om Nama Shivaya” is a divine mantra and is believed to increase the power of Rudraksha. “Om Nama Shivaya” means praising the great Lord Shiva. So when you worship him and wear a descendant which has his presence, then it would be a promising accessory ever.
  • No Evil Thoughts: You must keep in mind that you must eradicate and refrain from any evil thought since it has an adverse effect over the Rudraksha. When negative thoughts emanate from our mind, it suppresses the positivity of the divine seed. So negativity must be avoided entirely.

Final Verdict

The points mentioned above must be kept in mind in order to undergo the best outcomes of wearing Rudraksha. So when you buy Rudraksha online, make sure you buy the original one since there are fake ones in the market too. And also keep these things in mind to endure all the benefits. Most importantly, when you buy a Rudraksha from anyone or from online, you must buy it with your money. You must not purchase it with someone else’s money by borrowing it from them. It is a superstition that Rudraksha bought with our money tends to be more potent than others. The above point is one more thing to be kept in mind to have a blissful effect while wearing it. Now you are ready to wear Rudraksha, the Godly Seed.