Not long until the big day

It is only a few more days until families around the world will be sat around the table with their loved ones and friends to enjoy a delicious Christmas meal. For many of us here in the United Kingdom this consists of a larger than normal Sunday roast perhaps with the traditional Turkey taking centre stage or just as popular is chicken and beef. Along with the meat option a variety of sides are served including pigs in blankets (mini sausages wrapped in bacon), cranberry sauce (if you are having Turkey), bread sauce as well as all the vegetables – roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflowers, broccoli … the list goes on and on. For pudding many people opt for the traditional Christmas pudding with brandy cream or custard or some opt for a decadent gateau of some description. In some restaurants around the world chefs will be cooking Christmas meals over their Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 or other commercial oven like the ones you can find at


In different countries around the world the main meal consists of something that is traditional for them. Here are some of the Christmas meals in other countries around the world.

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Sweden – a Christmas table or ‘Swedish julbord’ is prepared for the festive day and consists of a variety of side dishes with a boiled and glazed ham being the main meat option presented. The ham is glazed with breadcrumbs and mustard and then boiled until the meat is deliciously tender.

Portugal – Christmas Eve is a larger celebration in Portugal and the meal on this evening is made up of cod and boiled potatoes along with a large selection of pastries and sweet options. One of these is ‘Finhoses’ which are balls of a spiced dough these are cooked and then dusted with a light layer of icing sugar. As well as these delicious delights they also prepare a mixture of nuts, honey and raisins known as ‘formigos’.

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Germany – it I all about the gingerbread or ‘Pfefferkuchenhaus’ in Germany with large gingerbread houses being baked and covered with an icing sugar snow mixture and decorated with all manner of sweets. As well as the delicious gingerbread house the main meal served over Christmas usually consists of roast Goose that is served with dumplings, red cabbage and some of their homemade kale stew known as Grunkohl.

What dish will you be enjoying over the festive days of Christmas.