Divorce and Third Parties

There are a lot of reasons why couples decide to file for a divorce, even after years of marriage, and even after having a child or children of their own. It is never inevitable for a couple to choose to part ways after being married, especially if one or even both spouses are no longer happy with and in the relationship. They are not compelled to stay in it unless they both choose to do so. However, getting and filing for a divorce may not be an easy process to go through, most especially if you already have children as a couple. Not only that, but it might be hard to come up with agreements and compromises and could only be more stressful than being in a relationship full of bickering and negativity. Reaching for settlements during a divorce may be a tedious, gruelling and tiring pricing to go through as a couple but there is actually a solution that would make it easier not only for each of the spouse involved in the divorce, but as well as reaching compromises for the children; divorce mediation.


Mediation vs Solicitors

When you go through a divorce, typically, each spouse would be represented by a lawyer of their own. These lawyers would negotiate to reach for agreements and settlements for each spouse. In this type of set-up and scenarios, each spouse would confidentially speak with their own lawyers regarding what they want out of the divorce, for example, what properties to get, how much of the finances to keep, and even who gets the custody of the children and what would the visitation arrangements be like. This is where most of the conflict stems from with regards to reach for divorce settlements. It is because these lawyers battle it out so that they would be able to win and give their clients what they want from the divorce. It is a bit selfish because each spouse would just want to win over the other. However, with mediation, it is a more civil and peaceful process to go through with the betterment of the whole parties involved, most especially including the children.


The Mediation Process

In divorce mediation, the spouse would meet with a neutral mediator to air out all of their issues, views, and concerns with regards to each other and of course the divorce they are going through. Throughout the entire process, the mediator would remain neutral to either parties so that the spouses could focus on what really needs to be achieved and agreed on, and how do they do it and reach the agreed settlement. All agreements would be recorded by the mediator so that each spouses would be held liable if anyone were to do a breach regarding what the agreement covers. This makes the agreement legally binding and more formal, which would be beneficial to each party because each spouse would be covered.


For The Greater Good

With a mediator, the benefit of the greater good is always the top priority to achieve, especially when reaching for a settlement and agreements. Meaning to say, this is specifically a best way to undergo divorce if you are a family with children involved. The mediator would always put the best interest of your children first before any of your own with regards to giving advice in what needs to be agreed on and what needs to be done as a family, even if the spouses are already to separate from one another. By reaching agreements and settlements that would be for the children, it would be a whole lot easier process for them to undergo through, even though as they see their parents separating. It would also a better chance for parents to talk freely, openly, calmly, and peacefully to their children to help give them a better understanding of why things are happening.


Full Trust

Choosing a mediator means you as a (soon to be ex) spouses, would be able to give your full trust and confidence first and foremost, that all of the issues and things that you would be talking about in each session would be kept in confidentiality and would not be used against any of the spouses to incriminate. Secondly, you could also trust that the mediator would always have your best interest in mind and would not advise any of the spouses into anything that would put any of the spouses at a disadvantage over the other. As a matter of fact, you should not even be worried about the expenses related to getting a divorce mediator because you could arrange for sessions that you could only afford, or maybe even get a legal aid to help you with the expenses. With divorce mediation, you would not have to go through the divorce alone, even as you separate with your spouse.